It’s Not Just About Veggies

In 1985 I initiated a video production called “It’s Not Just About Vegetables“, a piece about the Indian Line Farm project.  The title came from some of my frustrations with the co- founding of the first CSA in the States ( I think I expressed the words forcibly at least once- in my youth I was less subtle – still working on that!)

That title expressed my desire to see the “process” get more emphasis in the creating of the “product”- veggies.   In the organic foods movement at that time  there seemed to be an attitude of  “we need to clean up the environment, get the public organic food”;  almost to the exclusion of all else.  The “process” was for many somewhat incidental considering the severity of the problem.  Which eventually led to WalMart selling organics.

Some folks asked- why the details?  Anything is better than chemical farms, workers getting toxified ( by the way I was toxified growing up in Upper State New York, working on heavily sprayed farms), poisoned food for consumers, etc?  Well, yes. But why stop there?

In my opinion if we stopped there we might lessen the possiblity of achieving deeper goals. We might  find ourselves on a path that would make change in the “process” a near impossibility. For example, changing a highly mechanized, migrant labor- based, long distance trucking dependant organic farm to a CSA.

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