Peter Sellers in Being There

In the film, Peter Sellers’ character spoke through gentle gardening metaphors.  I always liked that film because it  expressed both the absurdity of communication as well as the power of the story or metaphor.  It expressed the fact that many of our influences and strongest memories revolve around the “simpler” ( .

One of the most challenging, but also satisfying parts of my life is the conversations with apprentices ( and staff) that occur on a daily basis. They have influenced me profoundly.

Another profound influence- a little thing called hypo kinetic dysarthria. “Everyone with Parkinson’s Disease may have different symptoms, but, most will include stiffness and tremor. Voice and swallowing problems are frequently another symptom of this disease, sometimes occurring early, and sometimes later as the disease progresses. Speech and voice symptoms occurring with Parkinson’s Disease are usually classified as a hypo kinetic dysarthria (hypo-slow, kinetic-referring to muscle movement, and dys-difficult, arthria-having to do with speech). The actual speech and voice of the person, is characterized as: low in volume, rate of speech which is too rushed or fast, low pitched, and monotone.”

Back to being there- the power of expressing thoughts through story and metaphor  has not escaped me. Nor has it escaped me that I have been challenged  communication- wise throughout my life – prior to Parkinsons.  On a practical level, the apprentices and I listen to and discuss Marshall Rosenberg’s podcasts weekly. “Training’. So- it has become a priority to focus on other ways to communicate, the more engaging ways. The more effective ways.  While at the same time increasing my “volume”, re: decibels.

So – story telling. I will tell a story through our website and this blog.

These folks have a fine front page.

Yesterday. 4 very special students ( future society-framebuilders) with their youth-sized ( anyone under 5 feet) recumbent bike.

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